Openings at Private Division

Release Manager (Seattle, WA)

Private Division is looking for an experienced Release Manager to be involved in releasing our games and updates on all supported platforms. You will work with Producers and QA leadership on the Private Division team and our external development studios to schedule and coordinate testing/bug fixes for certification passes and releases in different environments, act as the point of contact for any platform-specific release issues, communicate status on all issues relating to releases, help (re)define processes and procedures to make sure we have smooth launches – and automate as much of that as possible. You will also work with external partners to coordinate the setup of products and ensure that all of our releases go as planned, regardless of the platform.

Lead QA Tester (Las Vegas, NV)

Private Division is looking for a Lead QA Tester. This position will lead a team in executing test plans on pre-release versions of software to detect and record product defects. Reports to QA Manager or Senior QA Lead.

Openings with our Development Partners

Obsidian Entertainment - Irvine, CA

Senior Technical Artist

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for talented, self-motivated Senior Technical Artist to join their growing team of RPG developers.

The Senior Technical Artist position requires a solid understanding of cutting-edge tools and pipelines for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game development, including Unreal 4 and will work with the Art Director and production artists.

V1 Interactive - Redmond, WA

Senior Engineer

Physics, Graphics, Tools, AI, you name it. You’ve dabbled in all of them as a code-wizard (or ninja, if you prefer) and probably have one or more mastered. Point is, you can do it all. You’re a code-wizard-ninja-pirate-viking. Your ace in the hole here is your deep well of UE4 experience and know-how. While you might excel in a few specific areas, you won’t balk at being tasked to trade in shurikens for a peg-leg or a wand for a horned helm.  You get the idea. You’re creative in your problem solving, patient in demeanor, and you know how to use C++ in ways that would make Bjarne Stroustrup blush.

UI/UX Artist

Icons, menu assets, HUDs, and sweet load screen graphics. You take great pleasure in the subtle yet crucial. You have an intimate understanding of graphic design and how it can communicate. Maybe you’re a ninja. No one notices when you’re doing your duty despite you doing your thing REALLY well. That’s just the way you like it.

3D Art Generalist

You’re an art mercenary. A gun for hire. People speak your name in awe and in whispers, cowering in the corners of the local tavern. Your portfolio is an atlas of the worlds you’ve helped bring to life.

This is a CONTRACT position directed at work-from-home candidates. V1 Interactive is looking for top-tier talent with a wealth of experience in generating environment assets, hard and soft surface work, or anything else they can think of. The tenure of this position will likely last through the year. Experience in 3D game asset creation is a must and experience working remotely is required. References would be nice. Hours and rates are negotiable.