19 Dec 2023


The For Science! update brings a brand-new campaign type – Exploration Mode, which adds progression and Science collection through missions, experiments, and by exploring the Kerbolar System.

Collect and transmit Science from unique locations and redeem it back at the KSC’s new Research and Development Center to unlock new part technologies for crafts, learn novel concepts, and journey even farther away from the Kerbals’ home planet, Kerbin.

For Science! update provides multiple new Science collection parts. Add these parts to vehicles (be sure to take note of their shape and mass, it matters!) in order to carry out different experiments, depending on your mission. Be sure to also check out the Kerbal animations when Science gathering during EVA!

The Science collection and transmission interface has been overhauled in the update for KSP2.

  • The Experiment Actions button, which provides detailed information about what opportunities are available in your current location, is your guide in discovering when an opportunity to collect samples or take measurement arises.
  • The brand-new Research Inventory tells you how much Science you’ve already collected and also provides the ability to transmit Science data.
  • The Mission Tracker app helps you keep track of in-progress and completed objectives.
  • Lastly, new flight planning tools have also been added to the VAB, including altitude and environment-specific readouts that show thrust-to-weight ratio, burn time, and Delta-V for each stage.

One highly requested feature, atmospheric re-entry heating effects, returns in this update. You will need to carefully plan ahead and use proper thermal parts to protect your crew.

There have also been multiple, significant quality of life improvements added in this update:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • An enhanced joint system has been developed, dramatically reducing wobbliness of large vehicles
  • Improvement in game stability and performance
  • Updated ambient sound systems
  • An all-new Boat Dock, complete with cranes and gantries for use both in and out of missions

From everyone at Intercept Games and Private Division, thank you. We hope you enjoy For Science! and we can’t wait to see all your creations, accomplishments and discoveries.